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I can offer a limited amount of free consultations for diverse organisations and artists. Get in touch. 


I have worked with In Between Time, Battersea Arts Centre, Arnolfini, Trinity Community Arts Centre, Open Up Music and with lots of smaller organisations and artists. I can help you to;

*lead transformational change, including work on vision, mission and values

*notice the barriers to your work for diverse staff/ board/ audience/ artists 

*make a plan to address these changes

*coach your team through these transitions through workshops/ facilitation

*reflect on and improve workplace culture, including work with boards, team, SMT

* support your board or SMT to become more future facing 

* create new, or adapt old, strategy or business plans

* write fundraising and business development strategy

* make financial projections across areas of business development 

* fundraise through trusts and foundations, major donors, corporates and government

* diversify your income portfolio through new income streams 

* create new commercial income activity or products 

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